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An alkaloid extracted from the poison mushroom Amanita muscaria; selectively stimulates receptors for γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and is used as a molecular probe to study GABA receptors; a potent CNS depressant, muscimol inhibits motor function; exposure can lead to psychosis; 3-aminometnyl-3-hydroxyisoxazole.
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After ketamine microinfusion with or without muscimol, the rodents underwent behavioral testing to assess the degree of depression or anxiety they displayed in situations of stress.
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Ibotenic acid is the most abundant of the principal compounds, and easily degrades into muscimol through the loss of a carboxyl group.
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Intra-median raphe nucleus (MRN) infusions of muscimol, a GABA-A receptor agonist, reinstate alcohol seeking in rats: Role of impulsivity and reward.
However, we have failed on several occasions to find effects on conditioned suppression of compounds believed to act at GABAa or GABAb sensitive sites, respectively, muscimol and bicuculline, and baclofen and delta-amino-n-valeric acid (Shephard et al.
Intra-amygdala muscimol decreases operant ethanol self-administration in dependent rats.
Following characterization of the animals, we treated the nematodes with muscimol (a GABA receptor agonist) and [beta]-alanine (a GABA transporter blocker) and evaluated the efficacy of these agents to restore wild type function.
However, blocking of GABA-ergic transmission in PPT by picrotoxin did not increase but decreased REM sleep significantly by decreasing the number of REM sleep episodes (197) whereas microinjection of muscimol, [GABA.
However in the presence of the agonist muscimol, bo th MTBE and TBA were found to enhance the influx of chloride.
Effects of linalool on ((3)H) MK801 and {(3)H } muscimol binding in mouse cortical membranes.
An ovarian steroid hormone regimen that increases hypothalamic oxytocin expression alters [3H] muscimol binding in the hypothalamic supraoptic nucleus of the female rat.