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The class of plants that includes the mosses.
[L. pl. of muscus, moss]
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There are many things that large businesses are contracting out of Ohio when those jobs can be done by business and labor in Ohio," said Musci.
Musci, who joined the post in 1953, said he was grateful for the help of the cadets.
We appreciate the years of service that Andrew provided to Atrinsic," commented Ray Musci, "and we wish him success in his future endeavors.
Priscilla Graves, Paul Mattimore, Shirley Musci, my mother; Maria Laverty$50
Participants will include Raymond Musci, Executive Vice President and Thomas Plotts, Chief Financial Officer.
We are committed to provide the best care to all pregnant women, not just a subset," says Thomas Musci, MD, CMO of Ariosa Diagnostics.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful," Navy veteran Frank Musci said after the ceremony.
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On an interim basis, Andrew Stollman, the Company's President, and Raymond Musci, the Company's Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, will assume the responsibilities formerly associated with Mr.
Musci joined Ariosa in May 2012 as Vice President of Clinical and Medical Affairs and has successfully led the clinical development activities resulting in a significant number of peer-reviewed, published articles over the last 18 months.
In a time when people across the country are trying more than ever to save money for the future, we're unveiling a unique credit card that makes it easier for clients to save and invest," said Richard Musci, vice president of Charles Schwab Bank.