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The class of plants that includes the mosses.
[L. pl. of muscus, moss]
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Musci and team investigated how depressive and anxious symptoms may be precursors to binge eating behaviors and suicidal outcomes in 313 black females followed for 11 years, from the ages of approximately 6-17 years old.
Musci SI, Fine EM, Togo Y: Zoster-like disease in the newborn due to herpes simplex virus.
Muscat, May 30 (ONA) The Royal Army of Oman (RAO) Musci Band, represented by Al Hamasiyah Band, Bagpipes and Drums Band will take part in World Tattoo Parade in the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam due to commence its activities tomorrow (Tuesday) and continues till June 3rd.
El ultimo articulo es el de Monica Musci, quien prescinde de la ficcion para adentrarse en las noticias periodisticas.
Whereas, the class names Hepaticae, Anthoceratae, and Musci were employed by Smith (1955) and Schofield (1985), respectively.
In their study to determine the prevalent of sleep disorders in patients on dialysis, Musci et al.
Whether you are a younger investor just starting out or are 10 years from your retirement, we believe everyone should have access to products and services that work for them,' said Richard Musci, vice president of Charles Schwab Bank.
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