Murray Valley encephalitis virus

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Mur·ray Val·ley en·ceph·a·li·tis vi·rus (MVE),

a group B arbovirus of the genus Flavivirus that causes Murray Valley encephalitis; it is transmitted by Culex mosquitoes, and also infects birds and horses.
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Acute encephalitis has heralded the emergence of multiple virulent pathogens (28), including West Nile virus, Hendra virus, Nipah virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, and Japanese encephalitis virus, all of which can cause severe illness and death (2,4,29-31).
Epitope analysis of the envelope and non-structural glycoproteins of Murray Valley encephalitis virus.
The etiologic agent was West Nile (WN) virus (2,3), a member of the Japanese encephalitis virus complex (genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae), which includes other mosquito-transmitted human pathogens such as Japanese encephalitis virus, SLE virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, and Kunjin viruses (4).

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