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The largest family of Rodentia and of mammals, embracing the Old World mice and rats.
[L. mus (mur-), a mouse]
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To the Editor: Compelling evidence of genetically distinct hantaviruses (family Bunyaviridae) in multiple species of shrews and moles (order Soricomorpha, families Soricidae and Talpidae) across 4 continents (1-7) suggests that soricomorphs, rather than rodents (order Rodentia, families Muridae and Cricetidae), might be the primordial hosts (6,7).
The burrow ing owl is an opportunistic predator that consumes a wide range of invertebrate and vertebrate prey, including a variety of rodents from the families Muridae and Heteromyidae (Haug et al.
animals animals infested with Rodent family, genus species captured chiggers Muridae Bandicota indica 15 15 (100.
To the Editor: Hantaviruses (family Bunyaviridae) are transmitted to humans by inhalation of aerosolized virus in contaminated urine and feces, mainly from rodents of the families Cricetidae and Muridae.
Stomach analysis indicated the animal had fed on a rodent of the family Muridae.