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(mū-rek'sīd, -sid),
The ammonium salt of purpuric acid, formerly used as a dye but superseded by the aniline colors.
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2+-] murexide complex which has an absorption maximum at 462 nm where the low absorbance indicate a high chelating activity.
where propionic acid and isobutyric acid cheeks the role of electron donors and transforms the ferrous or ferric iron is therefore inhibits the formation of the complex ferrous-ferrozine [2], as these fatty acids have the ability to form complex with copper and zinc faster than murexide.
Calcium and magnesium in the plant material was estimated with standard salt of EDTA by using Murexide and Erichrome Black T indicators.
Keywords: Adsorption, Brilliant Vital Red, Murexide, rice husk, Urea Modification, Isotherms.
In present study, urea modification of rice husk is carried out and then it is employed to remove Murexide and Brilliant Vital Red dyes from water at laboratory scale with better efficiency as already reported [17, 18].
The chemical structure of Brilliant Vital Red and Murexide dyes are given in Figs.
Whereas Murexide (NH4 C8 H4 N5 O6) dye shows color variation from yellow in strongly acidic pH to violet in weakly acidic media and bluish-purple in strongly alkaline media.
Different factors were studied in order to check its optimized conditions which show more favorable adsorption of Murexide (M) and Brilliant Vital Red (B.
Summary: The adsorption of Murexide from aqueous solution onto the Pomegranate bark was investigated at room temperature.
The adsorption of Murexide was also studied at different pH, which presented that low pH was favorable for the removal of color material from aqueous solution.
The main objective of our present study is to use Pomegranate bark (low cost adosbent) for the removal of murexide dye from aqueous solution.
14] used activated carbon for the the removal of murexide from aqueous solutions and performed the adsorption kinetic and thermodynamic studies.