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muntjac, muntjak

Asian rib-faced deer with slit-like scent gland openings on the face and two-tined antlers. Called also Muntiacus muntjak.
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Muntjac deer can breed throughout the year, are extremely adaptable, tolerant of people and can use a variety of habitats including suburban gardens.
Roe deer and red deer are native but muntjac deer - which are the size of spaniel dogs - were introduced to England in the 19th century.
OH DEER: Muntjac deer in Midland beauty spots are being culled by the Forestry Commission.
Ambleside is set in open countryside and there are frequent wildlife visitors to the garden including owls, woodpeckers, blue tits and muntjac deer.
The department also allows muntjac deer, fox and mink to be culled.
The gradual northward spread of the imported Asian muntjac deer was also illustrated by the survey.
Steep Holm is a nature reserve run by the Kenneth Allsop Trust and is home to gulls, cormorants and even shy Muntjac deer.
This female Muntjac deer was found close to death in a snowdrift just days after being born.
The nightingale vies for attention with other night birds like two tawny owls, and anything from badgers to muntjac deer are regular visitors to the wild common.
The NBDC also revealed there have been 20 recorded sightings of Muntjac deer - they cause less economic damage than other deer but can cause problems where the numbers are high.
TIME TO TAKE ACTION Muntjac deer, like the one below, will eat just about anything in the garden but they're not so keen on certain plants such as camellias, above, and poppies.