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Bill climbed his first Munros in the 60s while staying at the former Outward Bound Moray Sea School in Burghead as an apprentice with South of Scotland Electricity Board.
The lamp will be adorned with a plaque noting the Munros as the 2008 PSE Pioneer awardees.
Printing account manager Scott was planning a huge party to mark his lifetime achievement after he scaled all of the country's Munros, which are mountains over 3000ft.
A DecAid team is attempting to climb all 283 Munros - Scottish peaks over 3,000ft - in just 49 days.
Edinburgh (Scotland), June 6(ANI): A 45-year-old Scottish fell-runner, Stephen Pyke, has beaten the record for the fastest continuous circuit of the country's 283 Munros, or mountains over 3,000fts.
He aims to search five Munros - the Scottish name for a peak above 3,000ft.
To mark the group's 40th anniversary, the team of former volunteers is walking 40 Munros, the name for Scottish mountains over 3,000ft, in just seven days.
At over 3,000 feet in height, the Munros are the highest mountains in Scotland.
Now the Munros barely spend any quality time together.
She had offered the family pounds 30,000 to pay for Mrs Munro's drugs and treated them to a weekend at the Savoy Hotel after reading that the Munros had had to sell their pounds 185,000 home in Ormesby, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, to pay for treatment only available in America.
Ms Jack trained for her latest trek by walking up Munros with phone directories strapped to her back.