Multivisceral Transplantation

The transplantation of three or more abdominal organs en bloc, namely the liver together with the pancreatoduodenal complex, the stomach as well as the small bowel with/without the right hemicolon. Multivisceral transplantation is most often used in primary malignancies of the bile tract, duodenum, or stomach with secondary liver involvement.
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Of 59 TPN-dependent patients who were evaluated for intestine, liver/intestine or multivisceral transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh, 46 patients, or 78 percent, had elevated levels of manganese.
The Starzl with whom we are acquainted was ready to enter into combat with anyone - whether members of an institutional review board, bioethicists, fellow transplanters, or doyens of surgery - who deterred or tried to dissuade him from carrying out such drastic experimental procedures as multiple organ or multivisceral transplantations in desperate attempts to save the lives of dying children.