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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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It is the premium debugger for applications that use multithreading, MPI, or OpenMP, offering advanced features, such as heap allocation debugging, extensive data analysis, easy viewing of standard template library data, and a vast array of unique capabilities to find and eliminate problems in complex applications.
The RFID solution developed by Open Terra and Cape Systems integrates wireless technology, extended memory access and multithreading capabilities that are enabled by Intel(R) architecture.
Thirty papers from the September 2005 conference report new developments in compilers, profiling, memory systems, reliability, multithreading, and parallel processing applications.
Updated Perl - Perl has been updated with a variety of new features and now includes native 32 and 64-bit executables, the fork() function and multithreading functionality.
The two primary application examples build a student information center and a chess game to illustrate the concepts of strings, class methods, sorting, inheritance, exceptions, logging, hash tables, input/output, mathematics classes, mock objects, multithreading, and generics.
0," says David Hofert, Group Product Marketing Manager for Java SE Embedded, Sun Microsystems, " XpertMart takes great advantage of Java's GUI, speed, multithreading capabilities, and JDBC functionality to deliver their retail application.
NET code examples are provided for addressing common language runtime, program compilation, language interoperability, inheritance, polymorphism, multithreading, and COM issues.
Sona has developed MultiThreading technology, which makes it possible for users to access and view real-time live TV and on-demand video, news and music content on their handheld devices.