see Dipsticks.
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This study analyzed Siemens' MULTISTIX 10 SG urine reagent strips, Roche Diagnostics' CHEMSTRIP 10 MD, and Diagnostic Test Group's Clarity UROCHECK 10SG to determine product integrity after exposure to room air, a condition that can occur if the strip containers are not closed after use as directed by the manufacturer.
After testing for pH and presence of protein and glucose by urine test strips (Siemens Multistix, Tarrytown, NY, USA), the urine samples were frozen at -20[degrees]C.
CLINITEK Status Connect System - This point-of-care instrument, in conjunction with the Multistix family of urinalysis test strips, provides flexible connectivity, data integration and operational control to reduce risk in POC testing environments.
Multistix PRO reagent strips assess the risk for kidney disease by measuring the concentration of protein in urine.
The system enables automated reading of the Multistix family of urinalysis test strips in medium to high throughput settings and delivers all the reliable functionality and testing flexibility of the Clinitek 500.
Dropper is intended for use with Multistix, Chemstrip, DiaScreen, UriScan, pH (Nitra-zine paper), and other urinalysis-reagent strips.
CLINITEK Status Connect System, which along with the Multistix family of urinalysis testing strips is providing data management to efficiently manage in-office or point-of care urinalysis testing, including advanced security features, QC reminders and connectivity to the laboratory information system or EMR.
The diagnostic results of two products, Multistix (Bayer) and Clarity (RAC Medical), can be measured in a Clinitek Analyzer.
The system uses Siemens' Multistix family of reagent test strips with test pads for Leukocytes, Protein, Glucose, Blood, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Nitrite, and pH, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Creatinine and Protein to Creatinine Ratio for urine chemistry analysis.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of pathology items 1 Uristix 2 Diastix 3 Multistix 4 Glucose strix (ON CALL TOUCH) 5 Cynmeth HB Solution with Std.
Standard urinalysis test strips, such as Multistix from Bayer Diagnostics and Combur-Test from Roche Diagnostics, are sometimes used to detect the presence of adulterants in urine.
Tenders are invited for supply of Multistix (Siemens) Bottle of 100