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(uppercase) Minor lymphocyte stimulatting gene. Any of a family of genes encoded by mouse mammary tumour viruses (MMTV), the protein products of which (known as “superantigens”) are capable of stimulating proliferation of CD4 T cells in mixed lymphocyte cultures.

(lowercase) Minor lymphocyte stimulating antigen. A cell surface molecule first identified in mice which is immunogenic for unprimed T cells.


Abbreviation for medical language specialist.


medical laboratory science; medical laboratory scientist.
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Air Force recently directed termination of its multilevel security development program, the largest in the Department of Defense.
Further, organizations can realize significant cost reductions in capital expenditures and operational expenses by consolidating separate compute, network and data storage silos used today to segregate security classifications into a single ClusterStor SDA multilevel security solution.
As a leading MFP document and data security vendor, Sharp protects information better than the competition, by offering more comprehensive, multilevel security solutions.
To help businesses protect their documents and network, these new IMAGERs offer an enhanced, multilevel security strategy.
Multilevel Security (MLS), an optional layer of protection on top of discretionary access control (DAC).
Workflow security features that protect core intellectual or classified information against unauthorized or accidental data leaks -- IRGO includes advanced programming tools and libraries, superior performance monitoring and analysis tools, and Trusted IRIX(TM) certified multilevel security.
NDS provides multilevel security support, providing each mobile device with the best level of security supported by the device
CyberGuard is known for its high level firewall/VPN appliances which incorporate multilevel security (MLS).
Unicenter TNG provides the ability to develop customized multilevel security functions for different databases and specific users.
government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and General Services Administration (GSA), and will be offered to the intelligence community as part of a new trusted Infrastructure concept addressing multilevel security solutions.
We're confident that DASCOM will meet the needs in our application of SCO CMW+ in our Air Force and Navy installations," said Mac McGregor, Director of Multilevel Security Operations for ECI Systems and Engineering, Inc.

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