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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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Folklore'' (in stores Tuesday) finds this multicultured flamingo whipping up another imaginative omelet of fado, pop, soul, Brazilian and dance elements, and calling on the eclectic Kronos Quartet and Brazil's Caetano Veloso for added flavor.
The postmodern, fragmented, pluralistic, multicultured, multiracial, secular context of modern life in metropolitan areas like our major cities is an entirely new situation in which the church has no significant experience of successfully converting new groups of people on a large scale.
A marked absence of paternalism and imperialism among these multicultured faculty members nurtured the healthy growth of the school.
They further reasoned that such an outburst would be a pot and kettle-type blunder when Northern Ireland is a byword for sectarianism and is only multicultured because one side hasn't managed yet to bomb the other side out of existence.