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n a philosophy that recognizes ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages others to be enlightened by worthwhile contributions to society by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
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That is to say, multiculturalists will often state things such as, "To co-exist, all cultures must be tolerant and operate within a model of secular government.
106) We suspect most theorists writing on identity--strong multiculturalists, liberal multiculturalists, and Foucaultians alike--would accept as noncontroversial this modest constructivism.
Unlike multiculturalists, Barry holds that protection of cultural differences only reinforces the power of traditional cultural elites, while harm in the last instance the depriviledged minority members.
In fact, one of the elements of Cohen's joke, at the expense of the multiculturalist discourse, is that while the latter often presents images of cultural otherness as something noble (an inheritance of the noble savage topos still permeating both popular and unpopular imagination), Borat's otherness is constructed as something that cannot be framed as noble, even in our wildest dreams.
Communitarians, Multiculturalists, and the Problems of Modern Life
I will address some of these alleged countervailing factors against free speech in the following discussion, but my general point will be, that these factors are a) less important than typically assumed by the multiculturalists and b) anyway outweighed by the reasons in favour of extensive free speech in most concrete cases.
Driven by their own interpretation of inclusiveness, many multiculturalists apparently see the relationship between being equal and being a minority differently than I do.
I have long cherished that moment, because it reminded me of the unique nature of Americans (something the multiculturalists often forget, preferring to see us as separate communities living inside a common boundary) and Jews, who have assimilated so well because, like our countrymen, we come in all different colors from all over the world.
If the new Democratic majority wants to keep these swing voters in their camp, they would be well advised not to sell out the jobs and security of working Americans to the far left multiculturalists who see mass immigration as a tool to institute their own radical agenda," Stein warned.
Ford questions the common presumption of political multiculturalists that social categories such as race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality are defined by distinctive cultural practices.
Macedo's tough-minded liberal agenda for civic education offers a fundamental challenge to free market libertarians, the religious right, parental rights activists, postmodernists, and many of those who call themselves multiculturalists.
If I had to identify a common ground that unites all self-proclaimed multiculturalists, it would come down to two points.
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