lily of the valley

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A perennial herb that contains asparagine, cardioactive glycosides—e.g., convalloside, gluconvalloside—flavonoids, and saponins; like foxglove, it was once used as a cardiotonic, diuretic and vasodilator
Toxicity Arrhythmias, confusion, hypertension, possibly death due to circulatory collapse; it is poisonous per the FDA

lily of the valley,

n Latin name:
Convallaria majalis; parts used: flowers, leaves, roots; uses: anticonvulsant, cardiotonic, heart conditions, topically to treat burns; precautions: pregnancy and lactation, infants and children, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, labeled unsafe by FDA. Also called
Jacob's ladder, ladder-to-heaven, lily constancy, lily convalle, male lily, May lily, muguet, or
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Je confirme que, depuis hier (mardi), il y a eu des tirs a l'arme lourde, apparemment meme des obus, qui ont ete lances dans le quartier de Muguet mais les tirs n'ont pas atteint les camps", a-t-elle precise.
Part of the allure in those scents is familiarity, however they also can be easier to bottle than, say, daisies and lilies of the valleys (as muguet is commonly known in the United States), she explains.
In the penultimate scene--as the three young men arrive back in Muguet early in the morning following their amazing night in Paris--I was shocked to see a huge mural painting of Charles Baudelaire on the face of one of the blockhouse buildings across the cement square (it wasn't there earlier).
It has top notes of bergamot, muguet and water iris, combined with peony, jasmine, violet and a base of amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla.
Francis Muguet, chairman of the Civil Society Scientific Information Working Group, WSIS
Dandoun, who upset Juddmonte Lockinge Stakesbound Domedriver in the Prix du Muguet at SaintCloud earlier this month, attempts to step up a grade.
And after an encouraging reappearance in the Dubai World Cup at Nad Al Sheba, travelling well until he found the 10-furlong trip too far, he looked better than ever in winning the Prix du Muguet at Saint-Cloud a fortnight ago.
Pure Joy is an infusion of Waterborn mandarin blossom, green muguet and bay leaf layered over pink water hyacinth and freshly brewed ginger, with hints of sandalwood and light cotton musk.
Quand dans ton corps les forets courent et les ilots de muguet,/Aucune piqure de mort, ni l'audace tene-breuse de l'homme/ne sonderont la clairiere de ton ange.
At last the grand old chestnut trees lining the avenues are back in bloom, le brin de muguet is being sold for eight to ten francs on the sidewalks--an exorbitant price for such a comforting sight--and Klaus Barbie is back on page 1 of every respectable newspaper.
Hearty mid notes of crushed lavender, juniper berries and muguet are followed by spicy black peppercorn, oakmoss, blonde woods and clean musk in the dry down.
Contractor address : 105 impasse du Muguet, ZA les Marlhes