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Abbreviation for early receptor potential.


endocardial resection procedure.

event-related potential (ERP)

Etymology: L, evenire, to happen, relatus, carry back, potentia, power
a type of brain wave that is associated with a response to a specific stimulus, such as a particular wave pattern observed when a patient hears a clicking sound. See also evoked potential.


A gene on chromosome 12q23 that encodes a member of the ETS family of transcription factors and ternary complex factor (TCF) subfamily, which form a complex by binding to the serum response factor and serum response element in the c-fos proto-oncogene promoter. ELK3 is activated by signal-induced phosphorylation; it appears to inhibit transcription in absence of Ras, but activates it when Ras is present.
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MRP II represents the combined system of hardcoded rules from the planning and costing areas described earlier and is a big nail in the coffin for providing relevant costing information to internal managers.
The Center was able to use an S-DBR approach to scheduling in conjunction with the existing MRP II business system as described above.
This guide doesn't attempt to address some of the thornier technical issues that processors face when buying an MRP II system.
Application use by PC-based organizations Application PC Use Bookkeeping 99% Inventory Management 74% Customer Orders 74% Costing 71% Bill of Materials 56% Suppliers Orders 53% Sales Management 41% Control of Production Costs 40% Shop Floor Data Control 39% Follow-Up After Production 38% CAD/CAM 35% MRP 35% Budgeting 33% Quality Control 24% Process Management 23% Project Management 19% MRP II 15% Machinery Maintenance 9% Figure 8.
Even though MRP II implementation is only half complete, its benefits can already be seen, Lidoski said.
Production and Inventory Control, "Government Cost Probe May Scuttle MRP II.
It also explores the two categories of micro-based software: packages for full MRP II systems and those for partial cost control systems.
Zahn served for a number of years as plant/operations manager for the Bacardi Bottling Corporation where he managed the launch of seven new products, developed a forecasting and MRP II system that reduced material inventory costs significantly.
Geac (TSX:GAC) customer Ulster Weavers Apparel has become the first textile company to receive world class manufacturing status as a result of performance improvements the company realized following its successful deployment of a Geac MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system.
Despite the promises fueling the march of acronym-laden technologies for the past 20 years--MRR MRP II, MES, ERP, APS, SCM, and more--manufacturing's problem still is the big disconnect in the information that resides in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the schedules that it produces versus-what-the-plant-is-executing-and-actually-producing.
For production reporting, scheduling, and back-office computing, DJ runs an MRP II system on an IBM AS/400 mid-range computer.
We have achieved in excess of 97 percent on-time order fulfillment rates for customers, with a target of 100 percent, and we benchmark manufacturing against MRP II Class A, ISO 9000, and ISO 9002 quality and process standards.