Mouse Race

A lifestyle that results from moving to a smaller community or taking a less demanding job which has less stress than the classic rat race
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Elliott explained: "That was a bit of a cat and mouse race and a stronger pace would have suited our horse.
The black and white exterior leads to a large bare stone-walled interior, decorated with old breweriana and chalkboards advertising forthcoming events such as the annual mouse race.
The boat, which has Leonie Sutherland, of Hartshead, on board has been playing a cat and mouse race with the rest of the fleet and has now overtaken Singapore.
Obviously it was a Grade Two and certainly not a Mickey Mouse race.
A cat and mouse race in Albania caused a 72-hour blackout across parts of the capital of Tirana.
O'Neill said: "We thought he was going to run well at Carlisle, but it was a Mickey Mouse race and he came home from that really fresh so we decided to run him.
She was very impressive at Galway, but let's face it that was a bit of a mickey mouse race and she didn't beat much.
He only won a Mickey Mouse race at Yarmouth before he was pitched in at the deep end and eventually finished last in the Dewhurst after failing to settle.
Astronomic got 115 for winning a mickey mouse race at Sedgefield and Julius Caesar was third in a bad race at Hexham and was given 94.
It was a little bit of a Mickey Mouse race at Carlisle, but on paper before the race he was the best horse and after the race he came out of it the best horse.
It is believed Simpson may have fancied himself to emerge from the mouse race with more power in the wake of Dunlop's departure - maybe even as Deputy Dawg - a hope which would seem to any rational and sensible businessman to be forlorn now.
Just ask yourself why any bookie worth his salt would wish to lay a huge bet about an unknown horse in a Mickey Mouse race.