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It doesn't bounce around and would be comfortable for jogging or even mountain bike riding too.
Anecdotally Tasmania is currently enjoying a record tourism summer and many of these international visitors are looking for the unique nature and scenic experiences which abound on the West Coast as well as action tourism, like mountain bike riding.
According to one of the cyclists, Judy Borrett, 53, many or the participants were new to mountain bike riding ahead of the event, which takes place this coming Tuesday.
She used to do quite a bit of mountain bike riding, but I don't think she likes the hills, whereas I do.
He said: "While Garwnant is not long or technical enough to interest experienced riders, it's providing something we haven't got much of in Wales - somewhere that families and younger riders can go and actually do some real mountain bike riding instead of using canal towpaths or forest roads.
A highlight of the event is the Animal Relentless Bike Tour, featuring spectacular stunts and breathtaking mountain bike riding demonstrations.
Webber was taking part in the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge, a 250-kilometre endurance event consisting of mountain bike riding, kayaking and trekking.
Unlike mountain bike riding, we race on the road," he says.
I have just recently gotten into the sport of mountain bike riding.
AFAN Valley Bike Hire moved their Mountain Bike Riding Experience Company from the dusty valleys of Andalusia in southern Spain to a slightly-damp Glyncorrwg in the Afan Valley with the assistance of the Neath Port Talbot Borough Council.
For those who aren't so keen on signing your life away in a waiver form, or if you're just looking for something that doesn't necessarily involve drenching yourself with recently melted ice, Kern Valley has come up with plenty of anti-adrenalin rush alternatives -- even less extreme than lake kayaking, windsurfing, hiking, mountain bike riding and rock climbing in the nearby Sequoia National Forest to pass a summer's day.
The first was a man on a yellow mountain bike riding towards Tettenhall.