(mū-nē-ā' kūn),
Pierre, early 20th-century French physician. See: Mounier-Kuhn syndrome.
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Mounier-Kuhn syndrome (MKS) is an infrequent congenital syndrome, whose hallmark is airway enlargement.
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Mounier-Kuhn syndrome is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by the presence of dilated trachea and major bronchi.
A possibility of Mounier-Kuhn syndrome was considered and patient was subjected to bronchoscopy.
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome (MKS) also known as tracheobronchomegaly is an uncommon condition characterized by dilatation of the trachea and major bronchi.
On further evaluation computed tomography scan of the chest (plain) revealed dilated trachea and mainstem bronchi with multiple sacculations in the proximal part of thoracic part of trachea involving posterolateral walls with tractional and tubular bronchiectasis in bilateral lung fields which confirms it as a case of Mounier-Kuhn syndrome which is a rare cause of bronchiectasis and should be considered in differentials of lower respiratory tract infections.
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome: Report of 8 cases of tracheobronchomegaly with associated complications.
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome masquerading pulmonary thromboembolism in an elderly male.
Es importante descartar estenosis subglotica, hemangiomas subgloticos, lesiones quisticas subgloticas, paralisis de las cuerdas vocales y sindrome de Mounier-Kuhn.
Tels sont les propos de Rached Ghannouchi a la journaliste Angelique Mounier-Kuhn du journal suisse [beaucoup moins que] Le Temps [beaucoup plus grand que] (edition du mardi 14 janvier 2014 ) .
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome, a rare, most likely congenital, disorder can be mistaken for tracheal diverticulum because it involves dilatation of the trachea and main stem bronchi, with folds of redundant mucosa and fibromuscular tissue that resemble diverticula.