Motorcycle Helmet Use

A risk-reducing activity which is mandatory in some parts of the US
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Louisiana weakened its motorcycle helmet use law in 1999, but reenacted it in 2004.
Legislative debate over motorcycle helmet use continues to be heated in statehouses, although no changes were made in 2014.
NHTSA found that motorcycle helmet use in Florida fell by about 50 percent after the state legislature repealed the requirement for riders 22 and older.
Motorcycle helmet use and injury outcome and hospitalization costs from crashes in Washington State.
Market Analysis III-1 Current & Future Analysis III-1 Helmet Usage - Current Scenario III-1 Table 11: Motorcycle Helmet Use in the US as a Percentage of Riders Wearing Helmets (2009-2013)(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-1
Table 15: US Motorcycle Helmet Use in States with Partial or No Helmet Laws (2012): Percentage Breakdown of Motorcyclists Wearing Helmets by Type of Helmets Used - DOT Compliant, Non-Compliant & Non-Helmet (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-5 Repeal of Universal Helmet Laws Affecting Safety of Riders III-5 State-Wise Motorcycle Helmet Regulations in the US III-6 Strategic Corporate Developments III-6 Select Players III-8 B.
Increasing motorcycle helmet use can save lives and money," said CDC Director Thomas R.
We strongly support motorcycle helmet use to protect those we protect," said Bill Cilluffo, vice president of government relations at AAA Michigan.
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