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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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They sold their four-bedroom detached home in Stareton Close, Cannon Park, to downsize to a three-bed semi and used the surplus cash to go round the world on their BMW R1150GS motor cycle, which is capable of on and off-road travel.
The problem appears to be escalating, as motor cycles have become much more popular," he said.
The Hollyfast Primary School pupil has been around motor cycles from an early age - his dad Glyan is a motorbike enthusiast.
The officer's motor cycle was in collision with a car at Shrewley, near Warwick, at about 2pm yesterday.
The police party also succeeded in the arrest of the remaining two robbers at a distance and recovered from the said house 7 Kalashnikovs, 3 pistols and motor cycle used in the incident.
According to the local police of Pune a low intensity IED was placed on a motorcycle outside Faraskhana police station, the blast took place after at 2 PM , three were injured and the motor cycles parked nearby were damaged.
Harvey Garton, chairman of the Manx Motor Cycle Club, said the biking community had been devastated by the death.
Fourpence is charged for a motor cycle or motor cycle combination for a period of four hours, but if a severely disabled ex-Serviceman desires to park his motorised tricycle he is charged ninepence for the same period.
Bhogal plans to motor cycle from Tyneside to India hoping to bring in as much money as he can for UNICEF, the international children's charity.
Mum Sue Ashby, whose two children are members of the Piston Ring Youth Motor Cycle Club, writes: "Due to the recession and the price of fuel the club has gone from a thriving club with a waiting list, to having plenty of vacancies.
Organised by the Bad-Landers Motor Cycle Club, the day was organised to show support to the thousands of service men and women who have fought on the front line in battle zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
Carl The four times World Superbike Champion - a multiple TT winner and arguably Britain's best ever motor cycle racer - said: "The TT is a fantastic event and I am proud to have won three TT races as it's real between-the-hedges and walls road racing.