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Angelo, Italian physiologist, 1846-1910. See: Mosso ergograph, Mosso sphygmomanometer.
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Madrid [Spain], Oct 28 ( ANI ): Spain has removed Josep LluAaAaAeAeAaAaAeAcAaAaAeAa[degrees]s T AaAaAeAeAaAaAeAcAaAaAeAaAaAaAeA lvarez as chief of Catalonia's autonomous Mossos polic as the government in Madrid takes control of the autonomous region to block its push for independence.
The mid-to-late-19th-century Italian scientist Angelo Mosso took an autobiographical approach to physiology, employing a range of instruments to measure his own bodily changes.
That fact may be surprising, but it isn't new: In the 1880s, Italian scientist Angelo Mosso built an intricate full body balance and reported that mental activity tips the scales.
In his book, Early Warning and Quick Response: Accounting in the Twenty-First Century, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) alumnus David Mosso admits he helped create an accounting mess, also known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
The event that attracted over 3000 revellers transformed the Ratho Climbing Centre into a clubbers paradise with DJ sets from Onur Ozer, Alejandro Mosso and headliner SvenVath, who played his only northern UK show of his 2013 world tour.
Stephanie Mosso, who had her 2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter with her, said about 4:30 p.
5yo b g Kayf Tara-Madam Mosso (Le Moss) Also by Kayf Tara, the unraced Kayf Moss is out of three-time winner Madam Mosso, whose tally consisted of two hurdles and a chase.
Wessels T, Mosso M, Krings T, Klotzsch C, Harrer JU.
It makes due mention of Paul Broca and the less-well-known Angelo Mosso (who discovered back in the 19th century that blood flow increases to activated areas of the brain), of the conflict between holistic theories (which claim that all of the brain is used in every cognitive process) and modular theories (which associate different cognitive processes with different brain areas), and of the eventual exploitation of Mosso's discoveries towards the development of today's functional brain imaging technologies.
There was also plenty to enjoy in the RLPO's accompaniment, with Ayrutyunyan's score almost Gershwin-like in parts, while Petrenko kept the violins beating a pianissimo heartbeat through a meno mosso with muted trumpet singing soulfully above.
Al oir los gritos de Carla Astrid, Gil Zuarth empujo al Mosso d'Esquadra Juan Miguel Martinez Estrems contra el escaparate de vidrio de la tienda Calzados Viena", en la calle Muntaner, donde se ubica la discoteca Luz de Gas.
Over a century ago, Mosso wrote that 'fatigue of the brain reduces the strength of the muscles'.