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Angelo, Italian physiologist, 1846-1910. See: Mosso ergograph, Mosso sphygmomanometer.
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Ag Mossa is clear about what continues to be the band's mission--to speak for his people: "The situation of the Touareg is very difficult right now," he declares.
La storia, sosteneva l'Antoni, in linea con Croce, e mossa dagli uomini, e il suo procedere sembra seguire percorsi pretracciati, ma in realta l'impulso a tale movimento viene dalla ricerca di un qualcosa di eternamente umano, ossia la ricerca della liberta o della giustizia, ed e un percorso mai lineare ma certamente insopprimibile.
Mohammed Mossa Al-Ameri, a member of the committee, told the Yemen Times that in the days to come the committee will determine the key components that will take part in the dialogue.
The decision was taken yesterday by the board, which met under the chairmanship of Dr Ali bin Mohammed bin Mossa, Deputy Chairman of CBO board.
It has been around a long time and was once was the capital of the principality of Hala during the reign of Mossa Al-Kenani in 732 Hijri (1331-1332 AD).
Captain Mossa Murad, Direc-tor-General of the Fujairah Sea-port, said the operations room at the Fujairah Seaport was informed on Thursday evening about a massive fire had erupted in an oil tanker anchored off the Marbah coast.
Mossa Isa Ali Ibrahim (Ahmed Mansoor Al A'ali Company)
Foam Foam Barrier film Barrier thickness film (mm) density (gr/m2) CANDIDE RECTICEL 5 TEXIDELBPS150 150 SF 646 D MOSSA RECTICEL 5 TEXIDEL 130 SF 646 D BPS150 FALSET RECTICEL 3 TEXIDEL 130 SF 646 D BPSI50
According to Chhipa rescue services, a 4-storey residential building at Mossa lane, an area of Lyari was collapsed due to unknown reasons where several people buried under debris.
We are fully prepared to conduct the by-elections in the 18 constituencies," said elections media committee head Mossa Al Khairi.
EYE EYE: Stallholder Mossa eyes up his olives SWEET PICKINGS: Trevor Duerden, from Duerdens Confectionary, Homemade Fudge & Toffee, with some of his produce Pictures: JAMES MALONEY GOOD GRUB: A couple tuck in to some tasty food (right) and (left) Johnny Bentley, from Church Farm Organics, shows off his home produce at the festival