Herman Otto, American physician, 1878-1954. See: Mosenthal test.
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In addition, the attempt to predict item difficulty level has generated a large number of studies where the basic interest has been to identify cognitive and linguistic predictors (Drum, Calfee & Cook, 1981; Stahl & Jacobson, 1986; Davey, 1988; Kirsch & Mosenthal, 1990; Freedle & Kostin, 1991; Freedle & Kostin, 1992; Daneman & Hannon, 2001; Sheehan & Ginther, 2001; Gorin & Embretson, 2006; Ozuru, Rowe, O'Reilly & McNamara, 2008; Leroy, Helmreich & Cowie, 2010).
Following Halliday and Hasan (1985), Parsons (1991), Lee (2002), and Louwerse (2004), the term cohesion is used to distinguish textual elements on which coherent texts are built and not to delineate a cause-effect relationship as critics of Halliday and Hasan's (1976) framework pointed out (Carrell, 1982; Steffensen, 1981; Tierney & Mosenthal, 1983).
The plot of the libretto is based on the eponymous play by Salomon Hermann Mosenthal of 1848 and it was created for Foerster by the poet Jaroslav Kvapil.
The official plan comparison chart was assessed as being appropriate for people with 15 years of education or more according to the Mosenthal and Kirsch's (1998) document complexity assessment.
Still in existence, the Mendelssohn Glee Club was founded in 1866 and its members asked MacDowell to take over as conductor after the death of Joseph Mosenthal in 1896.
Mosenthal, chief of surgical critical care at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-University Hospital in Newark.
Bergman has published over 275 original research articles and has delivered numerous prestigious lectureships, including the Mosenthal Lectureship, the Schwartz Lectureship, and the Berson Lectureship of the Experimental Biology Society.
Mosenthal (1994) discussed the dilemma of whether the portfolio's purpose in preservice education is to serve as "some measure of mastery of a body of knowledge explicitly communicated in course instruction and assessments, or whether its purpose is to express practical knowledge" (p.
Mosenthal & Ball (1992) asserted that "the teacher's role in orchestrating and fostering students' learning is uncertain and risky compared with traditional telling and showing" (p.
Jamieson, Jones, Kirsch, Mosenthal, & Taylor, 2000), or otherwise multifaceted L2 speaking abilities.
For more information about how corporations can participate in Tuck's online Bridge Program, contact Jeffrey Cobb or Pamela Richardson, managing director of UA's corporate business unit, at 323/960-1700, or Richard Mosenthal, director of strategic business development at Tuck, at 603/646-3580.
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