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Thiokol (thī´ōkôl), brand name for polysulfide polymer using a mercaptan bond. The basic ingredient of rubber-base impression materials. See also mercaptan.
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The book fast forwards to January 27, 1986, with the very unusual meeting between NASA SRB program managers and Morton Thiokol managers, concerning the topic of launching in cold temperatures and how the cold might have affected the performance of the O-rings in the Solid Rocket Booster field joints.
41) In the Matter of the Appeal of Morton Thiokol, Inc.
What Vaughan shows is how these rules ruled out certain kinds of arguments and evidence: the last-minute opposition to the launch presented by the Morton Thiokol engineers was ineffective because they lacked hard engineering data to "prove" their argument that the cold temperatures that morning in Florida would lead to an O-ring failure.
The price was high for Roger Boisjoly, a senior scientist at Morton Thiokol, Inc.
Upon Completion, the Commission Report indicated that a failure in one of the Solid Rocket Booster's O-rings made by Morton Thiokol Corp.
In a meeting 14 hours before launch, engineers for rocket-booster manufacturer Morton Thiokol tried to convince Mulloy that it was too cold for launch.
Working as a rocket scientist for Morton Thiokol in the town of Brigham City, Utah, he served as chair of the Sierra Club's Utah Valley Group in the 1980s.
Congress and the media managed to ignore the considerable interplay of politics and business, which included NASA officials who, embarrassed by delays to their master plan schedule for the Space Shuttle Program, pressured Morton Thiokol managers to ignore the safety warnings of engineers at Morton Thiokol and NASA.
landmine producers, such as Honeywell subsidiary Alliant Techsystems of Hopkins, Minnesota, and the Morton Thiokol munitions plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, can supply just the domestic market - the Pentagon - under the moratorium.
During the resulting Presidential Commission investigation, engineers for Morton Thiokol, the contractor for NASA's failed rocket boosters, revealed that they had issued repeated warnings that the joint design on the solid rocket booster seals was unsafe.
Chicago-based Morton acquired Thiokol in 1982, when it then became Morton Thiokol until 1989.
Or Allen McDonald and Roger Boisjoly, engineers at Morton Thiokol, who were domoted after telling a special panel investigating the Challenger disaster about problems the contractor had with O-rings.