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Thiokol (thī´ōkôl), brand name for polysulfide polymer using a mercaptan bond. The basic ingredient of rubber-base impression materials. See also mercaptan.
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The book fast forwards to January 27, 1986, with the very unusual meeting between NASA SRB program managers and Morton Thiokol managers, concerning the topic of launching in cold temperatures and how the cold might have affected the performance of the O-rings in the Solid Rocket Booster field joints.
41) In the Matter of the Appeal of Morton Thiokol, Inc.
landmine producers, such as Honeywell subsidiary Alliant Techsystems of Hopkins, Minnesota, and the Morton Thiokol munitions plant in Shreveport, Louisiana, can supply just the domestic market - the Pentagon - under the moratorium.
Chicago-based Morton acquired Thiokol in 1982, when it then became Morton Thiokol until 1989.
Iuanow held various financial management positions with Morton Thiokol, a former Fortune 200 manufacturer, and Kleinwort Benson, a London-based investment bank.
Prior to joining Met-Pro Corporation, he held positions as Chief Engineer for Business Development, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Propulsion Engineering Manager and Project Engineer at GE, Lockheed Martin and Morton Thiokol.
The disaster, which cost seven lives and shook the country's confidence in its space program, was traced to a faulty "O-ring" seal made by a NASA contractor, Morton Thiokol.
Although NASA was aware of technological problems with the O-rings, it did not extensively sanction its supplier, Morton Thiokol, since doing so would have been detrimental to the agency as it was dependent on the company.
Morton Thiokol (September 1991) provides some answers.
The boosters will be dismantled and studied in detail by contractor Morton Thiokol in Utah to confirm the reliability of the boosters' revised O-ring joints and other modifications.
Prior to his association with Novo Nordisk, Klein was manager of finance, corporate treasury for Morton Thiokol Inc.
I watched in vain for mention of Baron when Allan McDonald and Roger Boisjoly, the morton Thiokol engineers who tried to block the Challenger launch, were screwed as their reward: an event depicted in a surprising number of new accounts as an isolated incident.