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Ashton B., 20th-century Irish pathologist in the U.S. See: Verner-Morrison syndrome.
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Part one is made up of four essays that explore the concept of belonging and lay bare the literary framework taking into account the humanist and modernist approach that Morrison's work encompasses.
Morrison exited the '70s with Into the Music, a quiet effort that examined Christianity, foreshadowing Morrison's journey into mysticism that directed his creative force in the '80s.
While attentive to each novel's particularities, Goulimari also deftly teases out the threads connecting them all, threads that define Morrison's overarching aesthetic strategies, aims, and influences.
Revisionism is the focus of Michelle Phillip's "Revising Revision: Methodologies of Love, Desire, and Resistance in Beloved and If Beale Street Could Talk," Lynn Orilla Scott's essay, "Revising the Incest Story: Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and James Baldwin's Just above My Head," and Quentin Miller's "Playing a Mean Guitar: The Legend of Staggerlee in Baldwin and Morrison.
While Morrison's concerns with obsolescence and with the archive place him alongside any number of neo-Conceptualists, Decasia resonates most strongly on a more reflexive level, where the history of film itself is specifically engaged.
Sir Kenneth Morrison will remain executive chairman of the combined company, but Morrison's executive directors will be joined by Safeway directors Lawrence Christensen and Jack Sinclair.
In the leisurely but purposeful conversation that followed, what was always apparent was Morrison's passionate interest in her people, as well as how literature and culture are created and renewed in a changing world.
The opening essay of the volume, the one reprint, "'Aesthetic' and 'Rapport' in Toni Morrison's Sula" by Barbara Johnson in many ways works as an extended epigraph for the collection.
And he said the hospital's failure to tell Mrs Morrison's family about her fall was "reprehensible".
Morrison's Broken Fever: Reflections of a Gay Boyhood (St.
In March 1993, the IRS selected a single Morrison's restaurant to participate in a compliance check of tip reporting.