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Ashton B., 20th-century Irish pathologist in the U.S. See: Verner-Morrison syndrome.
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Wardi extends her analysis of the northern (and southern) city, relating Cane's urban disconnection to Morrison's Jazz, Naylor's The Men of Brewster Place, and Gaines's In My Father's House.
Morrison's singular command of language in Song of Solomon is also what made me truly appreciate the vast creative range within everyday black speech.
The sheriff said staff were only "galvanised" to take action after Mrs Morrison's daughter intervened.
Duvall's discussion of The Bluest Eye is his most provocative chapter, since by exploring Morrison's "symbolically autobiographical" narrative strategies (49), he opens an entirely new but controversial dimension to this oft-discussed novel.
So Morrison's staff took on a task even more unconventional for a traditionally isolated public institution.
Understand Morrison's sales mix and growth strategy in terms of physical development, pricing, range architecture and consumer targeting.
Later this year, Van Morrison's early recordings as the singer, frontman and principal songwriter for the seminal band Them will be available on Legacy Recordings.
8220;We believe in the homes we're building in Denver and we know Colorado homebuyers will, too,” said Kip Gilleland, president of Taylor Morrison's Denver division.
Morrison's previous novels have attested to the difficulties and disruptions that plague this process among African Americans.
But Morrison's savvy extends beyond offering simply an edgy reverent/irreverent update of formalist concerns (which would be satisfying in itself).
In shaping the published version, she had to please both general readers who want to know Morrison's story and scholars who may want to know her exact words.
The simple elegance of Allies and Morrison's scheme, the delight of the gardens, adds to the civilization introduced by new works inside and constitutes a fresh properly designed urban space.