morphine hydrochloride

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mor·phine hy·dro·chlor·ide

white acicular or cubic crystals of bitter taste, soluble in about 25 parts of water.
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Morphine intoxicated rats received 10-160mg/kg body weight of morphine hydrochloride intraperitoneally for 21 days.
Ltd (Shanghai, China), morphine hydrochloride from Shenyang First Pharmaceutical Company (Shenyang, China), naloxone hydrochloride from Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co.
Antagonists Common medications for regular use (narcotic drugs and psychotropic muscular relaxants medicines - 6 lots): Lot 1 - ketamine hydrochloride injection, 50 mg / mL to 2 mL; Lot 2 - Morphine Hydrochloride Solution for injection 1% 1 ml; Lot 3 - hydroxybutyrate sodium solution for injection, 200 mg / ml to 10 ml; Lot 4 - trimeperidine injection, 20 mg / ml to 1 ml; Lot 5 - Diazepam injection, 5 mg / ml and 2 ml; Lot 6 - Fentanyl injection, 0.
China), morphine hydrochloride, indomethecin, dexamethasone, naloxone hydrochloride (Chengdu Pharmaceutical Factory, Chengdu, China).
It concerns the supply of 400 000 ampoules of morphine hydrochloride 0,010 gr and 420 000 ampoules of pethidine hydrochloride 0,100 gr.