Morgan, D.B.

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D.B., 20th century U.S. dermatologist.
Dennie-Morgan fold - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
Dennie-Morgan line - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
Morgan fold - a double infraorbital fold seen in many atopic patients. Synonym(s): Dennie-Morgan fold; Dennie-Morgan line; Morgan line
Morgan line - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
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To officially welcome the newest addition to the Captain Morgan line up, the brand will host its first-ever Cannon Blast Bar Crawl.
Maine passed a law instructing its PUC to considering using ratepayer money to buy as much as 300 million cubic feet of capacity per day from the Kinder Morgan line.
The trailer has the logo Blue Morgan Line on the side.
The demarcation of the Morgan Line that carved Istria in Zone A for Italy and Zone B for Yugoslavia took no effective consideration of Italian ethnicity in Zone B, a point that ultimately would force thousands of ethnic Italians to flee Zone B when it passed to the Yugoslavs.
I'm really happy with the (Paul) Ferone, (Rod) Hinks and Morgan line," Wilson said.
Bush Furniture, which said the youth bedroom market will approach $3 billion this year, included two youth collections in the fully-assembled Eric Morgan line shown at the market.
Bush Furniture will capitalize on its ability to serve retailers with RTA from its Bush brand and preassembled case goods from the Eric Morgan line.
The Morgan Line Out Master, invented by Gron Morgan, a former rugby master at Llandovery College, is a practising tool designed to improve a hooker's line-out throwing.
Bush continues to push into traditional furniture stores with its Eric Morgan line of preassembled furniture imported from Germany.
Now the Eric Morgan line is concentrated on its "Young Living" bedroom group plus two sleek wood, glass and melamine entertainment centers.
The Partnership's estimated cost for the project is $225 million, with cash flow estimated to be approximately $40 million per year once the connection to the proposed Kinder Morgan line is completed.
While the Eric Morgan line is targeted at furniture stores, Bush is betting that some of those retailers eventually might be more receptive to trying RTA furniture.
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