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Benedict A., French psychiatrist, 1809-1873. See: Morel ear, Stewart-Morel syndrome.
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Author Donald Mitchell – who has written a biography on Morel – says, far from being dated, Morel's stand against secrecy in government is as relevant today as it ever was.
In his remarks to Mr Morel, King Letsie commended Seychelles for having managed to attain impressive economic growth rates , for being amongst the top-five African countries with the highest literacy rate , and for our impressive record in the area of good governance .
The evening after the earthquake, Morel posted several photographs of the aftermath to Twitter through his account with a service called TwitPic.
According to The Verge, an AFP editor found several photos of the 2010 Haiti earthquake on Twitter, which were originally captured by Morel, and distributed them to Getty, which then spread to multiple news organizations including The Washington Post, CBS, ABC and CNN.
Morel Industries specializes in aluminum, copper-base and iron castings.
The other student is Benedict-Augustin Morel (1809-1873).
30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to strong leadership from Andres Narvaez in leading Wunderman Southern Europe, Wunderman Chairman and CEO Daniel Morel has broadened Andres' assignment.
In a landmark copyright judgment on Monday, a Manhattan district judge ruled that two major news outlets infringed on the copyrights of Daniel Morel, the photographer whose horrific images of the 2010 Haiti earthquake were disseminated to various news organizations, without his permission, after he posted them on Twitter.
Morel adds a new I-Cut 1000 PortionCutter to its comprehensive range of portioning machines.
This spring I found a morel and was eager to try it because the book described morels as prized mushrooms.
Morel will bring a plethora of well-rounded, international business experience to the Latin America Sales Department here at the San Diego headquarters.
PERFECT FOR THE SEASON Spring risotto, featuring morel mushrooms, parmesan and fresh broad beans, is a delicious yet light lunch