Morbid Fear of Becoming Mad

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In my extreme distress of mind, I have a morbid fear of misdirecting you; but even if I am in error, you may know the right drawer by its contents: some powders, a phial and a paper book.
Their reasoning is crippled by hoplophobia--the irrational fear of firearms, knives and other weapons and by simple cowardice, the morbid fear of confrontation and conflict, even in defense of their own lives.
Here is a bloke who's married to Liza Minelli, has a room at his home devoted to Judy Garland and has multiple phobias, including one where he has 'a morbid fear of the sound of his own voice', and yet he has turned out to be the least hysterical of the whole group.
A MORTUARY technician who developed a morbid fear of bodies has won compensation for wrongful sacking from her hospital job.
Although he has undergone behavioural therapy to help beat his morbid fear of open spaces and is able to go out locally, he is not sure he will get to Buckingham Palace.
PEOPLE with a morbid fear of beards are called pogonophobiacs.
But for members of Medscape, Belonephobia is "the morbid fear of lunch meat.
And our fondness for a token smidgen of salad to counterbalance the meat and cheese means few sandwiches seem safe to those who are now in morbid fear of the cucumber.
In years to come, when a biographer dives into Cowell's weird ways, I suspect we'll learn he has sex problems and a morbid fear of being alone with a woman, hence his travelling harem.
Still to come are the likes of Debra Stephenson, Nancy Dell'Ollio, Carol Smilie and Russell Grant, but first up are journalist Kelvin MacKenzie, presenter Donna Air and Tupele Dorgu, who played Kelly in Coronation Street and has a morbid fear of shellfish.
The always-advancing artist usually has a morbid fear of nos -talgia but the band will briefly indulge it for another special Soundtrack event.
It wasn't an easy decision, thanks to a morbid fear of dentists which I have had since a particularly bad experience in the chair.