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n the mental state or condition as related to cheerfulness, confidence, and zeal.
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It does not worry me at all," Morales said last month after VACC legal counsel Ferdinand Topacio said their group is preparing a "stronger" impeachment complaint against her that would pass the scrutiny of the House of Representatives.
To prevent her from making a scene and reporting him to authorities, Pascua choked Morales until she passed out.
Chief prosecutor Thelma Aldana, working with the UN commission, announced on Friday that she was asking that the Supreme Court recommend stripping Mr Morales of his immunity from prosecution in order to investigate financing of his 2015 campaign, when he ran on the slogan "Neither corrupt nor a crook.
15, a court decreed that Morales Marroqum and his uncle could not leave the country while their participation in the case was investigated.
Morales held the knife out toward him and his brother backed away, he reportedly said.
Prior to landing in Houston, Morales began "acting erratically," according to a statement from the Miami-Dade Police Department.
Morales denied trying to get his victim arrested but was unrepentant about his actions.
But recent polls show Morales to be far ahead of his rivals for Bolivia's presidency, particularly amongst the Andean nation's indigenous majority.
The 6-foot-1, 209-pound Morales wasn't even a starter for OSU's opening game, but he caught 13 passes against Stanford and is tied for fifth in the Pac-10, averaging 4.
Finally, Emilio Ros-Fabregas's "Cristobal de Morales: a Problem of Musical Mysticism and National Identity in the Historiography of the Renaissance" transcends the boundaries of Morales scholarship and should be required reading for every serious student of Renaissance music.
MEXICAN legend Erik Morales says he may quit the ring after being knocked out in three rounds by arch rival Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in their super-featherweight clash in Las Vegas.
ON 18 DECEMBER 2005, Evo Morales made history by becoming Bolivia's first indigenous President.