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n the mental state or condition as related to cheerfulness, confidence, and zeal.
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But given that Morales is not yet as mainstream as one would hope and, furthermore, that this volume is such an excellent and otherwise convenient teaching tool, even a couple of paragraphs would have been useful.
Morales assured citizens that the nationalization, a central facet of his presidency, "is a process that will continue," but he added that it was "convenient [to have] a change.
Morales has been accused of being a drug-trafficker, an assassin, a terrorist and a member of the coca mafia.
Morales represented the Chapare region in Congress, which is home to a large number of coca growers and is the focus of most of the drug war's eradication efforts.
At a 1995 conference in Buenos Aires, Morales declared: "If we want to be free, in Latin America there should not be one Cuba, but several Cubas.
The work Morales does in the field of radio astrophysics involves not just "looking at a time of the universe before the first stars had formed," explains his mentor and friend, Dr.
But last week police told Judge John Shand they had spotted 'ill' Morales driving one of his firm's private ambulances.
Rounds are very rarely scored even in America and most observers thought Morales shaded it.
Ayala, who is really a blown-up super-bantam, is a pressure fighter and is sure to take it to Morales despite his camp suggesting he would mix it up a bit.
ERIK Morales believes poor refereeing may have cost him victory in his rematch with fellow Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera.
Two years after winning a controversial split decision over Barrera despite being knocked to the canvas, Morales lost out in the WBC featherweight title fight in Las Vegas with a unanimous verdict by scores of 116-112 and 115-113 twice.
FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS, THE Morales family has been expanding Melanie Export, its clothes-making business near the center of the Bolivian capital, by buying new machines and a car for distribution, hiring several employees and adding new lines of products.