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The Islamic moral system stems from its primary creed of belief in One God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.
My thesis is that the second criterion should be endorsed as the more plausible of the two, but some of my remarks are intended to suggest that on a sufficiently strict formulation of what qualifies as genuine adherence to a given moral system, the respective roles that these two criteria assign to moral dilemmas appear quite similar.
The only difference is that one moral system gains legitimacy through legal sanctions.
In his TMS, maintaining Hutcheson's general approach to ethics, Smith categorically refutes the foundations of his teacher's moral system.
What he understands is that there's a natural complementarity between free enterprise and people who have a very strong moral system, be it a religion, secular ethics, or whatever it happens to be.
While acknowledging the presence of slavery and discrimination, Bennett appears in a number of places to argue that a tripartite system in which Creoles of color were treated as a separate class from blacks was somehow a more moral system than the evolving post-war binary system in which there was a sharper division drawn between whites on one hand and all persons of color, blacks or mixed race.
My own essay, "Prudence and the Future: An Ecumenically Shaped Ethic," continues my emphasis on virtue ethics as a dynamic and ecumenically sensitive moral system.
These four principles lie at the core of many different moral systems, and while they do not form a sufficient moral system on their own, they provide a basis for judging some moral dilemmas emerging from modern biotechnologies including germline genetic engineering.
In light of the Fall, society must be guided by two pillars: a strong legal and moral system and unrestricted prices, wages, and employment decisions.
Rather than conceptualizing an ideal moral system for theoretical purposes, it simply describes the moral system that exists in societies and is based on the reasonable assumption that all people are fallible and vulnerable.
The law is designed to protect national security, social order and the social moral system.
It is only when presidents recognize that there is a moral system greater than themselves that the American public will be willing to trust the political system again.