Hermann, Swiss pathologist in Mexico, 1891-1971. See: Mooser bodies.
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We are very excited about this collaboration," said Bryn Mooser, Co-Founder of RYOT News.
This is a lucky finding of medium importance," geologist Federico Mooser said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.
Characteristics of teeth of the horse from Fain Ranch Locality were similar to those referred to Equus conversidens (Mexican ass) by Dalquest and Hughes (1965), Mooser and Dalquest (1975a), and Dalquest (1979).
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Family Fund, Michael and Jo Ann Mooser Fund and the Shelton H.
The 41-year-old American claims that since meeting and falling in love with her 28-year-old boyfriend, Bryn Mooser, her world has been transformed.
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Alloys Mooser, music critic to the Tsars; memoirs and selected writings.
In an early study, based exclusively on anecdotal evidence from conversations with medical personnel, Mooser (1987) suggested that 2-10% of the population suffered disruptive effects because of a hypersensitivity to chemical substances.
In 1916, buoyed by the fair's publicity and sales, the family board authorize d two crowning touches for the factory: a clock tower by architect William Mooser finished in 1916, following the post-fair vogue for imitating European structures, m this case the fifteenth-century Chateau Blois in France, and a few years later the 125-foot-long, two sided electrified Ghirardelli sign with monumental lettering in the style of the name on the ubiquitous orange cans of ground chocolate.
Mooser & Dalquest (1975) attributed metatarsals and dentitions of the smallest horses from Cedazo to E.