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Man boobs; formally, gynaecomastia
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Some men, however, undergo expensive surgery to remove their moobs.
At 60 stone, Texan Billy Robbins eats 8,000 calories a day and his mum has to wash his moobs.
Unfortunately, Cowell on a beach topless always leads to the inevitable paparazzi shots of the big man's hairy front, though having seen those moobs again I think it's fair to say his new baby will definitely be breastfed.
66 percent men surveyed by Debenhams were worried about their moobs - man boobs - and love handles.
After all, hairy white legs and middle-aged moobs glistening with Ambre Solaire are all the rage nowadays.
Men with moobs often hide under thick layers and jackets during the winter but find these months particularly difficult as they can't mask their male breasts under skimpy t-shirts.
No man wants his moobs being laughed at (especially not by Trinny in her strange, creepy doll-like outfits).
I'll be thinking of you as I stare across the Mersey from the transplant unit at the top of the Royal Liverpool hospital smashed off my moobs on morphine after I've hopefully given a wall-splitting "kidney pass" to my son.
The music mogul, 54, known for m has long been k his moobs.
1 Targeting problem areas alone, such as moobs or mummy tummies, will get rid of them: I often get people asking me if hundreds of sit-ups will take away wobbly tummies or if press-ups will melt moobs.
Ricky was getting down and dirty on the after-party dance floor, where he fondled his co-star's moobs.