Montezuma's revenge

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Montezuma's revenge.

Mon·te·zu·ma's re·venge

(mon'tě-zū'măz rě-venj')
A colloquial term for traveler's diarrhea contracted in Mexico. The most common causative organisms are enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella, and Campylobacter jejuni.
Synonym(s): turista.
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Because in Cumbria, unlike the Blairs in Umbria, we won't have to worry about Montezuma's revenge, mosquito bites, travel plugs or having to beat the Germans to the sunbeds.
In case you thought you may get away with nothing but perfect memories, beware of out-of-control children, a serious case of Montezuma's Revenge or some other unexpected surprise that can quickly ruin your dream vacation.
Yet the biggest target was Chelsea keeper Peter Bonetti, called into action when Gordon Banks went down with Montezuma's Revenge on the morning of the game.
And of course the Imodium will come in handy when attacked by Montezuma's Revenge.
Montezuma's Revenge sounds a more appropriate name for a drink which leaves drinkers looking as if they've gone ten rounds with the Spanish Inquisition.
As a precaution, take Immodium A-D along on the trip and take it only if you experience Montezuma's revenge.
The NFL's version of ``Road Rules'' takes the Monday Night loco trio to Mexico City for the third straight year of preseason Montezuma's Revenge.
Sims can buy a coconut monkey in one of the gift shops, win a stuffed penguin at a carnival game, collect arrowheads and lava idols or catch an aggravating case of poison ivy or Montezuma's revenge.
But I was struggling at half-time because I had a real dose of the Montezuma's Revenge.
The ``McHale's Navy'' production was plagued by hurricanes and Montezuma's revenge, but Messing says it was a bonding experience for all involved.
Lisa and Doug Potter, Rockwall, Texas: Montezuma's Revenge and a bladder infection were only the beginning for Lisa when she and her husband went to Puerto Vallarta.