Monteggia, Giovanni Battista

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Monteggia, Giovanni Battista

Italian surgeon, 1762–1815.

Monteggia dislocation

A dislocation of the hip joint in which the head of the femur is near the anterosuperior spine of the ilium.

Monteggia fracture

Fracture of the proximal portion of the ulna with dislocation of the radial head.


Giovanni Battista, Italian surgeon, 1762-1815.
Monteggia dislocation
Monteggia fracture - fracture of the ulna with dislocation of the radial head.
Monteggia lesion
reverse Monteggia fracture
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He ended up in chronic Monteggia lesion with deformed dislocated radial head resulting in limited supination, pronation and flexion.
DISCUSSION Monteggia lesion first described by Giovanni Monteggia in 1814 and classified by Bado based on mechanism of injury is accepted as one of the classics of orthopaedic literature.
There is controversy regarding treatment of chronic Monteggia lesion with proponents for operative and non-operative treatment5,10.
Stelling and Kote recommend that chronic Monteggia lesion should be observed till skeletal maturity where radial head excision can be done if becomes symptomatic16,17.
Irreducible Monteggia lesion with radial-nerve entrapment: a case report.
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Monteggia lesions in adults: a multicenter Bota study.
Undefined Monteggia lesions, like the one described in this case, might have contributed to missed diagnoses in the past.