(mŏn′tən-yā′, môN-tä-nyā′), Luc Born 1932.
French virologist who was one of the first to identify the virus that causes AIDS and to develop a blood test for it.
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In 1983, HIV was first isolated by Francis Barre-Sinnousi and Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris on suspicion that it could be the cause of AIDS.
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Luc Montagnier sent him samples of what would later be called HIV.
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fermentans and other mycoplasmas can induce the replication of HIV in vitro, led Luc Montagnier, discoverer of HIV, and Alain Blanchard, renowned mycoplasmologist, for the first time to the hypothesis that these microorganisms could have a role in the development of AIDS [14].
Luc Montagnier with his colleagues have also alerted the infectious disease specialists to the following sobering facts:
Desde la perspectiva empirica, el uso de microdatos permitio resaltar la articulacion que prevalece entre la estructuracion social, territorial e individual de la brecha digital, mas alla de una vinculacion tradicional y excesivamente centrada en la accesibilidad a las TIC (Agostini & Willington, 2010; Lera-Lopez, Gil & Billon-Curas, 2009; Montagnier & Wirthmann, 2011; Ono & Zavodny, 2007; Pilat, 2004).
Montagnier is a professor of musicology at Universit Nancy 2 and an adjunct faculty member at McGill University.
According to Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, and member of the Immunobank supervisory board and Ethics Committee, “Immunity is fundamental as it is the basis of good health.
The speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament, Mihail Mikov, awarded Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier with an honorary plaque from the Parliament.
One of the Nobel laureates who attended the symposium, the highly controversial Luc Montagnier (who won the Nobel Prize for first isolating the HIV' virus) told the symposium that he believed an effective HIV/Aids vaccination was imminent.
Barre-Sinoussi won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2008 together with Luc Montagnier, for their work in pinpointing the cause of AIDS.