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Any of a group of highly reactive hydrocarbons containing tetravalent silicon instead of carbon.
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A significant competitive advantage of CHS is that it is a liquid at room temperature and not explosive, making it easier and safer to handle than monosilane gas.
With this project, EMJ plans to construct a monosilane plant that will be capable of producing approx.
Norwegian solar technology company Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC Group) (OSE: REC) said on Friday (18 July) that it has entered into a number of significant long-term agreements for the supply of monosilane gas to major gas distributors.
The solar energy market depends on a reliable supply of high-purity monosilane gas as one of those key raw materials.
Evonik will receive around 200 million from a settlement with TNSC on the termination of the monosilane supply contract.
Based on the new Schmid Monosilane Technology, the process is capable of producing high purity silane for thin film PV manufacturers as well as producing high quality polysilicon for the crystalline solar cell market.