monkeypox virus

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mon·key·pox vi·rus

a virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus causing monkeypox.
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Isolation of monkeypox virus from wild squirrel infected in nature.
Specific detection of monkeypox virus by polymerase chain reaction.
Using remote sensing to map the risk of human monkeypox virus in the Congo Basin.
We used 2 independent lines of investigation: 1) the genetic characterization of the virus isolates from Sudan (Sudan isolates 1 and 2) and their comparison with previous isolates of MPXV from various regions of Africa by using phylogenetic analysis and 2) the generation of ecological niche models and characterization of ecological factors associated with monkeypox virus transmission on the basis of reported human cases in central and western Africa, including the assessment of environmental suitability for MPXV transmission among the Sudan localities.
The patient was asked whether he recently received smallpox vaccination or had history suggestive of exposure to orthopoxviruses such as monkeypox virus (i.
In the study, once-daily, oral administration of ST-246 beginning 72 hours after infection protected cynomolgus monkeys from death following intravenous dosing with a lethal dose of monkeypox virus.
Such concerns have at times resulted in reluctance on the part of HCWs to care for persons infected with such agents as monkeypox virus (29), Yersinia pestis (plague) (30), and others.
Cowpox virus (CPXV) belongs to the family Poxviridae, genus Orthopoxvirus (OPV), and is closely related to other species, such as variola virus, vaccinia virus (VV), and monkeypox virus.
Recently, SIGA also announced that oral dosing with SIGA-246 completely protected non-human primates from lethal doses of monkeypox virus even when treatment started 3 days after infection and at doses equivalent to the potential human dose.
In contrast to smallpox virus (exclusively human), the reservoir for CPXV, and possibly monkeypox virus, is believed to be rodents (1,2).
The current trials involve infection with high doses of monkeypox virus, which may be lethal in primates if left untreated.
Monkeypox virus (Zaire strain) and vaccinia virus (Western Reserve strain) were grown in BSC40 cells by using a multiplicity of infection of 0.