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her obstetrician, Gustavo Monckeberg, a "high-fashion" doctor, told her the child had died.
In 1963, physician and right-wing Congressman Gustavo Monckeberg sponsored a bill to extend leave for mothers of preterm babies by six weeks.
KUWAIT, March 28 (KUNA) -- National Assembly Speaker Ahmad Abdelaziz Al-Saadoun on Wednesday sent a cable of thanks to the Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Pavol Hrusovsky, and cables of congratulations to the Chairman of Chilean Senate Camilo Escalona Medina, Speaker of Chilean Chamber of Deputies Nicolas Monckeberg Diaz, President of Belizean Senate Marco Pech, and Speaker of Belizean House of Representatives Michael Peyrefitte.
Nicolas Monckeberg, called the Cocertacion's behavior "inconceivable.
The main differential diagnosis is Monckeberg medial calcific stenosis.
Now he spoke to the city's patrician elite and his guest list illustrates the eminent nature of the those in attendance: Mayor Werner von Melle, Senators Johannes Lattmann and Gottfried Holthusen, the future Mayor Carl Wilhelm Petersen, the judge and author Carl Monckeberg, the poet Richard Dehmel, the art historian Adolph Goldschmidt, M.
Fernando Monckeberg, President of the Chilean Committee of Child Nutrition and Dr.
Standard textbooks of pathology and numerous other resources consistently list 3 lesions under the term arteriosclerosis: (1) atherosclerosis, (2) Monckeberg medial calcific sclerosis, and (3) arteriolosclerosis.
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