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Mona, subject of world-famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, known for her smile.
Mona Lisa syndrome - contracture of facial muscle, associated with Bell palsy.
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A HAPPY REUNION Mona Lisa is returned to the Louvre 2 years after the theft
The Mona Lisa Myth" is written and directed by Jean-Pierre Isbouts, a bestselling National Geographic author who previously directed Walt: The Man Behind the Myth narrated by Dick van Dyke (Disney, 2001), and Operation Valkyrie(Koch/Anchor Bay, 2008).
The Mona Lisa, which has been on display in the Louvre in Paris for three centuries, has long been regarded as the only one painted by the Italian master.
A painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci representing Mona Lisa is displayed during a presentation in Geneva
It features the familiar crossed arms and dark robes of Leonardo da Vinci's 16th century Mona Lisa, mixed with a 20th century Warhol-esque interpretation of Marilyn Monroe, with her bright red lips and signature peroxide hair.
PAINT IT BLOCK: Pece's Bluebird at Bonneville is uncanny, while his Mona Lisa casts an enigmatic eye, right WENN
His stencil of the Mona Lisa, sprayed green and with paint dripping from her eyes, sold for pounds 57,600.
ART THEFT: The Mona Lisa, which was stolen from the Louvre
Mona Lisa and Quickfire are from a genetic group that has not won this race often but does have a high ratio of winners to entries.
Jill Kalz's The Mona Lisa (1583412727) reveals the volatile history behind the painting and the world in which it was created.
Mr Beasley, whose work includes the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Constable's The Haywain, said: "People think I am mad, they will be coming for me with the white coats when they read this.
John Millar previews Julia Roberts' new movie Mona Lisa Smile, out on FridayThey went to etiquette school to see what rich young women were like back then but not all of the stars enjoyed the experience.