Hans, Austrian chemist, 1856-1937. See: Molisch test.
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Washing with water again, the eluates and washing with positive Molisch reaction were collected, concentrated, and vacuum dried.
Molisch combines intuitive explanations with mathematical descriptions and examples in this well-organized, comprehensive guide.
For engineers, researchers, and students with knowledge of basic communication theory, Molisch provides a survey of wireless communications, their principles, and applications.
silica), palms (silica: Molisch, 1913), Pandanaceae (crystals: Kohl,
Limodorinae Kohl, 1889; Molisch, 1920; Solereder &
Cocoeae, except Rosanoff, 1871 (root); Molisch, 1913
this term was coined by Molisch (1937) to refer to biochemical interactions between plants of all kinds including microorganisms.
Molisch, "The ultra-wide bandwidth indoor channel: From statistical model to simulations," IEEE J.
These observations add more precision to the conclusions for polycarpic perennials made by Harper and White (1974) and supported by those made for trees by Molisch (1938) and Kozlowski (1971): Plants with a brief juvenile period have a short life span, and plants with a long juvenile period have a long life span with a long reproductive life.
It has been known for many years that plant cells can tolerate chilling and even freezing (see Molisch, 1897 [in translation, 1982]; Levitt, 1972, 1980; Withers & Street, 1977; Withers, 1980; Kartha, 1982, 1985; James, 1983; Li, 1984; Grout & Morris, 1987).
First English translation of the classic monograph by Molisch, published in 1897 but as relevant today as it was then.