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Belknap and other researchers from the University of Maine and the University of Oklahoma's molecular anthropology laboratories, where the DNA analysis was done, have written a paper on their findings.
of California at Berkeley), includes contributions from such prominent figures as Louis Leakey and Ernst Mayr and addresses such topics as the meaning of taxonomic statements, quantitative taxonomy and human evolution, the formulation of theories of human phylogeny, the locomotor functions of hominids, behavior and human evolution, man's place in the phylogeny of primates as reflected in serum proteins, the chromosomes of the hominoidea, perspectives in molecular anthropology, problems in the analysis and comparison of monkey and ape behavior, psychological definitions of man, taxonomic evaluation of fossil hominids, and genetic entities in hominid evolution.
However, subsequent archaeological input into molecular anthropology has been minimal.
The vast majority of the molecular anthropology research has been published in scientific journals.
The announcement draws closure to an ambitious sequencing project initiated by the team in July 2006 and highlights the tremendous technological advancements necessary to achieve this breakthrough in molecular anthropology.
454 Sequencing continues to revolutionize the field of molecular anthropology, enabling not only the Neanderthal genome but also the complex genomes of living human relatives, like the Bonobo.
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