Moebius syndrome

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Moe·bi·us syn·drome

(mĕrbē-ŭs sindrōm) [MIM*157900]
Congenital paralysis, usually bilateral, of facial and ocular muscles due to failure of development of nerve cells.
Synonym(s): congenital facial diplegia, nuclear agenesis, oculofacial paralysis, von Graefe syndrome II.
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I went to see the genetics doctor again and, even though I had been told not to, I looked up his symptoms on the internet and Moebius Syndrome kept coming up.
Isabella | |Sutton, three, Sutton, three, who was born with Moebius with Moebius Syndrome Syndrome "I realised that she had a small tongue and a high arched palate and, because she wasn't using the muscles in her face, I worried about her losing them.
Children held a celebration day yesterday, when they marked St Dwynwen's Day, the Welsh version of St Valentine's Day, and the inaugural Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day.
Moebius syndrome was discovered in the 1880s by German doctor Paul JuliusMoebius.
He said: "Very little research has been carried out into Moebius Syndrome because, unlike other genetic conditions, it does not cause death.
There are only 1000 cases of Moebius Syndrome in the world, and each is a personal tragedy.
Erin has normal functioning on one side, so she has an even better prognosis than kids with Moebius Syndrome,'' Dr.
My son, George is a very happy little boy, but he suffers from Moebius Syndrome which means he will never be able to smile, he can't blink, and he has little facial expression at all.
Karen, who herself has facial palsy but in a milder form than Jayella, said when people are born with the condition it's due to a developmental problem in the womb, damage in childbirth, or a specific disorder like Moebius Syndrome.
One-year-old Warren Armstrong has Moebius syndrome, which means although he understands everything a normal child does, it is virtually impossible for him to express emotion through facial expressions.
There are just 124 known cases of Moebius Syndrome in the UK.
The 14-year-old was born with the rare condition Moebius syndrome - a neurological disorder which affects only 200 people in Britain.