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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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But in fact, municipal landfills contain many dangerous substances besides lead and mercury, and even though modern landfills collect escaping liquids to prevent them from contaminating groundwater, this leachate must be treated: "a major expense and a burden on already-encumbered municipal sewage treatment plants," according to the EDF.
Critics of recycling tout the environmental safety of modern landfills, but Hershkowitz is not persuaded.
So there's little reason to worry about modern landfills, which by Federal law must be lined with clay and plastic, equipped with drainage and gas collection systems, covered daily with soil and monitored regularly for underground leaks.
In addition, it also appears that geosynthetics are the primary construction material required to accomplish current designs at modern landfills.
Although many people object to landfill disposal, modern landfills are designed and operated to have minimal discharges to the environment.
The answer, "Yes -- modern landfills protect our underground water supplies," could have been scripted by the industry itself.
While no method of MSW management is risk-free, modern landfills and incinerators certainly are low-risk.
Following that landmark legislation, larger and more modern landfills were built throughout the nation.

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