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The factors and circumstances that cause a patient's symptoms to improve or worsen, including weather, time of day, effects of food, and similar factors.

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Q. I would like to know the modality of treatments available for breast cancer. Can anyone explain me? My best friend is 30yrs, female. She is just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor said that she is in the initial stage and nothing serious. I would like to know the modality of treatments available for breast cancer. Can anyone explain me?

A. i'm sorry to's not easy to know a good friend of yours have cancer. all you need to know of a the newest and best treatments you can find right here:

good luck to you and your friend! and keep me posted.

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For example, whereas younger American children were tactual and/or kinesthetic and older American students were visual and auditory, Bruneian data for the mean of the four modalities revealed that primary students were less tactual (primary: 49.
Or a structured assessment (which is also an intervention) may be employed to help the counselor identify preferences for modalities and developmental blocks and help the client examine his or her assumptions and develop new ways of thinking about problem situations.
Therefore, given the context of this study, it is concluded that instructional material should focus on presenting material to students using both the visual and combined audio-visual modalities instead of many traditional approaches that concentrate on audio-textual presentation.
Charged with "facilitat[ing] the evaluation of alternative medical treatment modalities to determine their effectiveness," the CAM was given a minuscule budget of $2 million when it opened its doors in 1992.
In addition, the patient's modality choice may be constrained due to geographic location, or the fact that the patient's physician works at a facility that provides a limited range of modalities.
True rehabilitation as treatment should comprise an integrated set of philosophical assumptions, attitudes, assessment strategies, intervention structures, and treatment modalities.
A new chapter on Optical Imaging Modalities elaborating microscopy, confocal microscopy, endoscopy, optical coherent tomography, fluorescence and molecular imaging has been added.
This, in turn, is expected to drive the use of supplementary modalities such as breast ultrasound.
The training for healers is inclusive of the role of the healing practitioner when practicing Craniosacral Aquatica or other healing modalities.
The research covers 4 diagnostic modalities for cardiac applications: cardiac computed tomography (CT), cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), echocardiography and interventional cardiology.
Each of these modalities has important considerations for the individual resident.
The less common modalities, which are referred to as "minority" modalities in this article, have various advantages and disadvantages relative to outpatient hemodialysis.