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Paul J., German physician, 1853-1907. See: Möbius sign, Möbius syndrome, Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy.
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Additionally, despite some socialist leanings, Duterte's record as former mayor of Davao was actually one of being very business-friendly, with the major business groups in the city doing very well under his administration, Mobius said.
To help improve traceability, Mobius Imaging has invested in IQMS' quality management suite, including the device history record (DHR) solution, document control, quality audit, SPC and much more.
Various other names for the mobius syndrome are congenital facial diplegia, nuclear agenesis, congenital nuclear hypoplasia, congenital oculofacial paralysis, and congenital abducens-facial paralysis.
The etiology of Mobius syndrome is multifactorial, and several theories have been proposed, with the most supported theory being that of ischemic or hypoxic insult to the fetus.
In the coming weeks, Mobius will be unveiled in larger markets throughout the Southeast.
It is a huge honor for us to receive venture capital funding from two such renowned firms as Mobius Venture Capital and Globespan Capital Partners," said Andy DeMari, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sendia Corporation.
Sometimes, however, a growing ribbon twisted 180[degrees], making the ring a Mobius strip.
Primarily used in leased vehicles, the Mobius portable computer allows customers to receive the same benefits as the hardwired Mobius TTS, but with the convenience and portability to move from vehicle to vehicle.
According to Mobius general manager Dan Matteson, systems are priced for at least 20% ROI, and payback can be realized in less than two years.
Swaddled in a pleasantly rustic site to the north-east of Amsterdam, the Mobius House is an experiment in modern, fluctuating domesticity orchestrated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos.
Dealing with our other international clients has taught us that worldwide markets are a wide-open frontier," says Craycroft, founder of Mobius.
Vibration Analysts and Maintenance Managers Benefit from the Mobius iVibe[TM] Application with its Comprehensive Database of Machine Fault Profiles and Intuitive User Interface Allowing Impending Machine Problems to be Easily Identified