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The number of patients on oral hypoglycaemic agents are 158 and on Mixtard insulin are 122.
Injection Mixtard HM Penfill (a) was a mixture of highly purified neutral insulin and isophane (NPH) suspension (40 IU/ml).
We are very concerned that one of the very widely used insulin, Mixtard 30 made by Novo Nordisk, is being discontinued by the end of 2010.
In particular, older people are more likely to have physical problems that make safe medication usage difficult and they make significantly more insulin dose errors using syringes (DeBrew et al 1998) despite the advent of premixed insulin formulations such as Mixtard and modern insulin delivery devices (Coscelli et al 1992).
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Inj Insulin Human Mixtard 30/70 Iu/ Ml-10 Ml