Kensuke, Japanese physician, 1876-1964. See: Mitsuda antigen, Mitsuda reaction.
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This verification was achieved through collaboration with Professor Megumi Mitsuda, Director of the Odor Research Center, School of Informatics, Daido University.
Japan) compiles 17 papers written over the past 40 years by him and other psychiatrists from Japan who refine and develop the concept of atypical psychoses originally developed by Hisatoshi Mitsuda.
With artwork by famed manga artist Akira Toriyama and an unprecedented and inspiring musical score created by Yasunori Mitsuda, CHRONO TRIGGER represents the best-in-class of the video game world.
Kazuki Enomoto, Shintaro Kitakata, Toshiyuki Yasuhara, Naoto Ohtake, Toru Kuzumaki, and Yoshitaka Mitsuda, "Measurement of Young's Modulus of Carbon Nanotubes by Nanoprobe Manipulation in a transmission electron microscope," Applied Physics Letters 88 (April 2006) pp.
Even if it was possible to predict large-scale damage in abstract terms, it was difficult to perceive a concrete danger beforehand that would have created a legal obligation (for the city) to take countermeasures,'' said Presiding Judge Akihiko Mitsuda.
Watanabe M, Iwatani Y, Kaneda T, Hidaka Y, Mitsuda N, Morimoto Y, et al.
Kimura M, Amino N, Tamaki H, Ito E, Mitsuda N, Miyai K.
22 Enhancing Primary Raw Materials for Biofuels (Takahisa Hayashi, Rumi Kaida, Nobutaka Mitsuda, Masaru Ohme-Takagi, Nobuyuki Nishikuba, Shin-ichiro Kidou, and Kouki Yoshida).
One of the most compelling handheld titles available this holiday season, CHRONO TRIGGER offers a multifaceted storyline, artwork by famed manga artist Akira Toriyama and a memorable soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda.
This will help us realize a vibrant and diverse organization where employees in different positions in the company and at various life stages will be able to follow long-term career paths," said Mazda's Executive Officer and General Manager in charge of Human Resources, Minoru Mitsuda.

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