P.L., 20th-century Argentine physician. See: Mirizzi syndrome.
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Complications of acute cholecystitis such as gangrenous cholecystitis and Mirizzi syndrome can be diagnosed with MRCP.
Few similar cases are reported in literature but none of them is associated with Mirizzi syndrome.
Less common presentations and complications include the Mirizzi syndrome, cholecystocholedochal fistula, and gallstone ileus.
Elevated CA 19-9 levels in a patient with Mirizzi syndrome: case report.
LOS ANGELES -- Mirizzi syndrome is an uncommon cause of bile duct obstruction, but one that it is vital to recognize, David L.
John Mirizzi, a business and accounting teacher at Oak Hills High School, said the college student panel helped give him a better sense of how to teach about different career choices his students can have with an accounting background.
Shortstop Marc Mirizzi, a 15th-round selection by the Yankees, and pitcher Scott Henderson, a 26th-round pick of the Florida Marlins, have also signed contracts.
Prasad TL, Kumar A, Sikora SS, Saxena R, Kapoor VK Mirizzi syndrome and gallbladder cancer.
Ray Mirizzi, Director of Facilities at Cincinnati State said, "We took the first step toward creating a strong platform that will provide the environment to facilitate multiple facility management and security functions at Cincinnati State.
evaluated cholecystectomies; 28% of those with Mirizzi syndrome had a
In the top of the first, Marc Mirizzi doubled off the left-field wall and scored on Jason Brown's single to give USC a 1-0 lead.