Mint Leaf

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A regional term for PCP
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I have been working with the bar team on developing our own recipe of Coffee Tequila Curado, and we have also just completed a collaboration with the kitchen staff to produce a delicious Garam Masala Spiced Rum that is going to be the core of our signature Mint Leaf Daiquiri.
Mint Leaf of London, Dubai head chef Vivek Kashiwale said: "Following the success of Mint Leaf of London's flagship restaurant and lounge concepts in the heart of the West End, London, we are working hard to ensure that diners to our Dubai venue experience the best in modern Indian cuisine that the brand has become synonymous with across the UK.
INGREDIENTS: 4 salmon steaks, 4 tbspn vegetable oil, 100ml plain yogurt, 140g Patak's tandoori paste, 1 tspn minced garlic, fresh chopped mint leaf, mixed salad, Patak's mint and cucumber raita, 1 lemon.
Pour out into the glass over the ice, and garnish with a mint leaf.
Mixed with zucchini, bamboo shoot, bell pepper and mint leaf were small squares of pliable, moist beef, seasoned to the requested degree of spicy heat.